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At Great American Realty we do all that we can to make the process of selling a home a successful experience. Selling a home can be a bit intrusive and inconvenient, the trained professionals at Great American Realty work to minimize these concerns. Our primary goal during the marketing and sell of your property is to stay focused on our company mission statement which states; “Provide our Clients What They Want, How They Want IT, When They Want It.” At Great American Realty we understand that our client’s best interest must always come first in all that we do. We know that what’s best for you is best for us in the long run. If you help people get what they want, you will get what you want in the end.”

Communication between our clients and our Real Estate professionals is the key to a successful marketing experience and enhances the opportunity for reaching the desired result. We will do all that we can to keep your property in front of prospective buyers at all times. The major factors that determine how quickly your property will sell are:

1.  Location – As we all know this is always a major factor with all real estate value.

2.  Condition & Quality – The current condition and quality of workmanship of any property is a major factor in how potential buyers will view your property.

3.  Marketing Exposure – Great American Realty’s 11 point marketing system will place your         property in the forefront of potential buyer’s minds and eyes.

4.  Price – Value is definitely in the eye of the beholder, a property is worth what a prospective buyer is willing to pay for it.  The listing price on your property must be competitive with the market but priced with the uniqueness of what each individual property offers.

One of the many services we provide to our clients is to help determine where to set the listing price on your property. We prepare a FREE thorough Comparative Market Analysis and conduct an on site evaluation. The major factors listed above will determine the length of time it will take to find a buyer for your property.


1.  Sign in the front yard as unique as the company that is representing you.

2.  The Great American Realty team of trained Real Estate professionals.

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6.  Tri State Home Buyers Guide (print advertising)

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    1. Huntington Board of Realtors Multiple Listing Service. Your property will be exposed     to over 225 local Real Estate agents
    2. ME! Your personal, trained, knowledgeable, committed Real Estate professional.
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